There are many people that wonder what make Freddie L. Sirmans, Sr. tick? Well, I’m not so sure myself and I know me better than anyone. Personality-wise, me being a writer is almost like a fish out of water. I may not show it but deep down I can be secretive, suspicious minded, and reclusive to a fault. All of that said, I still decided to share some of my inner thoughts and beliefs.

There is one thing I never want and have waged an internal battle and struggle against all of my life, that is self-pity. No one can truly know what goes on in the mind of another human being. The self-pity thing! The first neurotic symptom I experienced as a very young child was a physical look of self-pity for being physical punished for wetting the bed. I believe the end product of any adult is mostly what comes out of childhood.

It’s not talked about, but the human mind will go to extreme lengths to aid in ones survival, especially the very young. The neurotic self-pity look was my minds way of trying to assure my survival. The mind can give an abused child super natural sexual powers of projection, which may cause all kinds of unintended consequences. Even when one has great genes I believe the environment is still by far the biggest factor in how one turns out.

Whoa! Don’t be so quick to judge, the lord works in mysterious ways. I truly think God for the way I am, or what I do have. The hardest thing is to learn to love and forgive something you hate, and something’s you shouldn’t, but thing’s about yourself you should. Self-shame, self-guilt, self-pity, etc. are emotions that can completely disable any human being. Many things that most people take for granted are cut off to me.

Sure, I could spend a lifetime learning to do things now cut off to me, but I feel when destiny reaches out and selects you for a mission it is because of who you are, not who you want to be.

I never set out to be a writer, I just got tired of being mistreated, and felt at least somebody would know Freddie L. Sirmans, Sr. deserves some respect. There has been no stone unturned looking into my life. There! I’ve said it! I have bared part my soul! How much will it cost me?

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Look at history! In any profession when an original thinker like me speaks reality and common sense professional ideologues has always closed their eyes and ears. Look at the closed minds Sister Kenny (nurse) faced in trying to aid polio victims. The buggy whip industry had a closed mind against the automobile. And the automobile industry had a closed mind against leaving any trolley car tracks in place anywhere in the country.

However, reality can be put off only so long, then it will start settling in whether one likes it or not. The rock hard cold reality is, "The galloping cost of living and the dwindling buying power of the dollar” is what’s killing our economy. No amount of bail outs or stimulus packages is going to save us because that is barking up the wrong tree. Anyone reading enough of my writing soon realizes that it must be super natural inspired or the ranting of a lunatic. You decide!

Food is the number one priority for survival. In the end food is going to be the real undoing of this welfare state. None of the other lesser priorities such as culture, bartering, currency (money), or even the lack of oil are the deadliest threats to this nation. The deadliest threat to this nation is a hundred million or more people starving to death when the economy collapses.

And anybody that thinks it can't happen is a Damn fool. We have almost no bartering capacity. And a strong nuclear family system is almost nonexistent. Those are the two primary things that have allowed civilization to exist for over five thousand years.

Our morals and values are so corrupted that when the going gets rough millions of people are going to havee masses of welfare state dependents have no true sense of self-discipline or self-initiative, they think the federal government is omnipotent. The welfare state is what killed off this nation’s small farmer and home gardeners, they was this nation's emergency breadbasket.

They furnished this nation with a huge bartering capacity and would have been the backup to sustain this natio to die un
-necessarily just to maintain order. Thn during a financial collapse or nuclear crisis. They got this nation through the great depression. Our current welfare state has left us with almost no bartering capacity or hardly any means of surviving if the government does go belly-up.

A nation with no bartering capacity is like having a dagger aimed at its heart in terms of long term survival. Sure, the huge centralized mechanized factory farms are feeding us now, but provide almost no national bartering capacity. They are extremely dependent on mass quantities of fuel made from oil, and they are hundreds of miles away.

That means if there are bottle necks or fuel problems, millions of mouths could go without food. As it is now this nation could be in grave danger even with a small national crisis that last over three days. People could start hoarding and bottle necks could pop up everywhere. Yet, I’m seen as a nut case for wanting to be prepared to survival under all conditions.

Big liberal media knows who I am, because I’ve
been out here beating the bushes for a lot of years, now (no pun intended). The good thing about beating the bushes is, if nothing else, it eventually drives the political snakes out into the open.

With modern political polling almost every politician is just pandering to what he thinks the people want to hear. So, a word of warning, be careful what you wish for, you just might get it, but in sheep clothing. I have personally seen opportunist people change from like night to day with just a small taste of money or power.

Freddie L. Sirmans
' lecture on understanding an economy.
The fact is very few people today actually understand how an economy is supposed to works, even some learned economist. The minute the government took on a free cash give-out provider role the US destruction die was cast. Under current conditions it is now impossible to control inflation. I feel it necessary to give a brief lecture in my opinion on how an economy works.

John produces enough food for his family and him to eat plus a little extra to sell for a profit. But John can only produce a small amount for profit. So, to make more profit John needs a helper, but he must share the extra profit with the helper in the form of a salary. He is now a proprietor and can continue to expand as long as his profit margin will allow it. The keyword is profit, profit, profit, and more profit.

To all of these liberals that think jobs just drop out of heaven and big business is the boogie man, try living without profit. An economy actually consist of only two players no matter how advanced and complicated it becomes, a seller and a buyer. Anyone else involved is just crashing the party. Let’s use merchant as the seller and consumer as the buyer.

This evil boogie man that’s called “Inflation” can never take over a true natural economy. That is because the merchants can never charge more than the poorer consumers can afford and stay in business. From necessity a third player must enters the economy picture for security reasons, that player is the government.

Government itself is not part of a functional economy. It is a necessary parasite that is needed to protect the economy and society. Government is not a threat to an economy as long as it takes its cut off the top and fulfills its role as a protector. The trouble starts when government takes its tax revenue cut and starts interfering in the economical process itself thereby disrupting the natural balance between the merchant and the consumer.

There are only two players, the merchant and the consumer in an economy. So, when government uses its take to subsidize the poorer group of consumers on an individual basis, it allows the merchants to survive their price raise for everyone and ignite inflation on everyone.

The balance arm is a strong nuclear family. Throughout history before the welfare state a merchant could never raise prices above what the poor could afford to pay because the poor could turn to the nuclear family for support. Plus, there were many small farmers and home gardeners and never enough rich and well-to-do to support the merchant's too high prices.

There must be a government to protect a society from internal and external threats. The thing about government is it has the power and the guns. So, dictator and authoritarian type governments take over and runs the whole show. Nothing has changed, authoritarian type governments have never been able feed themselves.

Throughout distance history they would conquer other countries and make them slaves or work almost for nothing. Only free people with a free market place will produce enough for everyone to eat. Otherwise, one will do just enough to keep from getting shot.

There is no problem or threat to an economy with government in the picture. And having government in the picture will not activate inflation if it avoids handing out money on an individual basis. Government spending itself doesn’t activate inflation; it’s how it does the spending.

Government can spend like crazy and build hospitals, bridges, roads, or whatever and it won’t activate inflation because that doesn’t affect the relationship between the merchants and the consumers. The government can give the poor food, clothing, housing or whatever and it still won’t activate inflation. But, the one thing the government should never do because it will wake up and unleash the sleeping monster called “Inflation.”

That one thing is the government giving out free cash money to the poor or anyone else on an individual basis. The "Individual basis" is the deadly time bomb fuse. What that does is disrupt the natural selection process between the merchant and the consumer and activates a never ending inflationary spiraling monster. How this work is there are never enough rich people to keep overly high cost merchants in business.

So, the government with good intentions gives the poor enough free cash money to afford the merchant’s high price. In the beginning that made all parties happy. Then the government raised taxes to give out more cash so the poor could support even higher merchant prices, and upped the ante even higher by throwing in food stamps and countless social programs.

The merchants called, and again raised their prices. And again the government called, then raised taxes even higher, and around and around it goes in this never ending inflationary spiral. That is what got us to where we are today.

Trading and bartering have been around as long as civilization itself. A true free market place will always produce enough food to feed everyone at an affordable price if allowed to. All that is necessary is for the government to get the hell out of the way, and stick to its true role as administrator and protector of society. That means collect the taxes it’s due, and the economy will take care of its self with government out of the way.

It won't be pretty but if allowed to the natural selection process and entrepreneurs will feed the poor and everyone at an affordable price. However, that will never takes place when dictators and over controlling governments chokes off self-initiative, self-greed, and self-interest. The above are the most powerful energy packed motivating forces in our human makeup. Sure, you must control these forces but never completely choke them off if you want a rich and powerful society.

Some may ask, what about all of these people depending on the government. In my view the government caused the problem and is responsible for providing whatever is necessary for these people to survive. But, we must get off this ever increasing merry-go-round inflationary spiral before inflation eats up the last crumb of any dollar buying power.

Almost everyone thinks without government help the poor can’t make it, but in reality it was just the opposite before the welfare state destroyed everything. There are over five thousand years of history that backs me up on this. Sure, the poor will always need help from somewhere, but it should come from the nuclear family, the extended family, the church, and community organizations.

Human survival is based on need involving a natural selection process. When the government with its power becomes a sugar daddy provider it takes away the survival need for the strong nuclear family, extended family, etc. Now, if the economy collapses the government can’t provide for its dependents and other debts and burdens, and all I can say is “Lord help us.”

Even the people that remember the “The Hoover days” with the struggles during the “Great depression” never had their spirits dampened like they are today. I will not break my pen, I will never stop trying to sound the alarm as long as there is breath in me, this welfare state is slowly skinning this nation alive. I want my grand children to be free.

In my view when it comes to forms of government, nothing is more deadly for destruction than a welfare state, not even communism or socialism. The welfare state is a new monster that only came about within the last fifty years since money no longer has value in itself or a gold backup.

The reason why I view the welfare state so deadly is in its deception, it lulls almost everyone to sleep until it is too late. In its early and middle stage almost everyone is fat and happy while it slowly eats away and destroys the nuclear family foundation and the very things that allow a society to survive. And In the final stage nothing can stop its inflationary spiraling from spinning out of control.

The billion dollar question is what is the wisest course to take out of this dilemma? This is my opinion and advice: The first priority is to save the federal government at all cost. To me that mean the government must slowly start jettisoning its social provider role and all other financial burdens through privatization, except the bare necessities.

It should slowly start privatizing out of all nonessential government burdens except the department of defense, treasure, interior, and one or two others. And above all, lower taxes not higher taxes are the only way out. To me that is the wisest course to take if this country is to have a fighting chance to survive. Sure, you can call me insane, a fool, a nut case or whatever, but that is my opinion and advice. No one is forced to believe me.

There really is no choice, because Mother Nature is cocked and ready to enforce its own law of “The survival of the strongest and the fittest” any day now. You can take my exceptional great wisdom with a grain of salt, or you can take it to the bank, It is out of my hand, I’ve did my duty.

The founding fathers knew what an all powerful government would do; they had seen it in old Europe. With the constitution they did all they could to enact laws to keep out of the driver‘s seat a government of unlimited power. Fast forward to today. The tenth amendment is totally ignored.

And I for one don’t believe the constitution ever allowed for this almost unlimited taxing power the welfare state has today. It’s over folks, the welfare state now has unlimited taxing power to support its super provider role. All we can do is pray and hope for the best.

After hearing a heated discussion on the radio involving the word “Hope” I decided to throw in my two cents. Beliefs like faith, hope, desire, etc. standing alone is practically useless. Anyone living only on faith or hope will die fasting.

However, the key or secret is to add another entirely different ingredient to the mix, that ingredient is “action.” Then there is no greater force or power on earth than faith, hope, and courage in action. That is why we had better hurry up and get our act together or it won’t be us that inherits the earth, we and all of western civilization may be on our knees praying several times a day.

On another subject, my experience is never let anyone make you an extreme perfectionist. It dehumanizes you. Race baiters and those that will never accept you will find something, if it’s not this, it will be that. But, they can never mentally destroy you unless you hate them back. In the end, genuine good and decent people will accept you for who you are and what you are.

Sometimes until a storm passes over, repeating to yourself “May God bless him/her," and mean it, is the Christian thing to do. Fault finders will never stop finding flaws and caring and forgiving people will never stop loving. Balance is the key to life, and never an extreme.

Lately I hear the term “Protect the Children” and we know what is best for the children. In my view it is like “The three blind men examining an elephant.” I can’t remember all of the details, but all three came away with a different conclusion, one thought the legs were tree trunks. From a big picture point of view it is impossible for the welfare state to truly protect the children.

Until recently, going back over five thousand years the children were always protected because of one simple fact, the parents needed them for survival. Today most parents see children as love items to be pampered and doted upon. Kids are almost never seen as future meal tickets, which they are. The welfare state has taken away the need for the male head of household and the need to raise children like ones life will depends on it.

The supreme natural law of human survival is based on a survival need, and bleeding heart do good liberals have all but destroyed any need for responsibility, accountability, or anything else. I’m totally against any abuse of any child for any reason, period. God save us.